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Turn your static mockups and datasets into dynamic data-driven applications

ConceptJS is a cloud-hosted development and runtime platform. If you are familiar with HTML and Javascript, you can build and host web applications directly through your browser. No software download or setup is necessary.

See the data and code behind any page with one click

You can inspect and debug how any page in ConceptJS works, by clicking the “Show in IDE” link on the footer of the page. If you have write permissions, you can also make changes to the application directly through your browser.

Fork and pull on GitHub

Link your ConceptJS repositories to repos on your GitHub account for version control. Fork any ConceptJS repo on GitHub, and deploy it with a couple of clicks. Sync your changes back to GitHub, and even create pull requests with your improvements. You can do all this with just your browser — no setups, git clients, builds or terminals.

Join our community

Once you sign-up, you can start using concepts shared by the community. If you are curious about how a page works, remember that the code is just a click away.

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